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JV Partner Coaching

Done With You Affiliate System

8 Weeks 1:1  Coaching

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Joint Venture Partnerships are highly lucrative when implemented correctly...but they can take up your time and energy, and often business owners are left feeling like it just isn't worth the effort.

That's where I come in. If you've already got a great offering, and you know people who love your product, service or simply just you, then bring me in. This is your baby, and I'll treat it like mine. Meaning 8 weeks of 1:2 (that's you plus a team member if you wish) coaching and support on all aspects of building an affiliate program that works. By the end of our time together, you'll have a system set up and know exactly how to make the most of your partners again and again.

If you want to up-level your partner and client experience, up-level your revenue, and up-level your reputation...then you want to hire me. Click for more information.

1:1 Coaching

Partnerships Power Hour - $199

VIP Half Day - $999

6 months private mentoring


Application Only

Listen...until you come to me, I don't know what your issue is. Chances are you don't either.

So I offer simple packages of support. And you choose the topic. We can work on your business offer for every session if that's what you want. We can talk about your childhood experiences with money for a session and then again later on. We can touch on your ideal client, realise you have it nailed, and spend our time discussing something more beneficial that makes you money.

Cos life happens. Shit happens. Maybe you're feeling really demotivated, and you don't want to talk about your business at all. You want to talk about your anger issues, or your worries about failing, or why you break out in a sweat before every video call. The joy of working with me is I come full of business and sales knowledge, AND equipped with all the mindset tools you need to move forward.

So here it is. You pick. One off troubleshooter session where we address a specific issue you have and nail it? VIP Half Day with a week of voxer support included? Or if you're truly feeling transformational, my six month mentoring program is a low five figure investment and includes access to all resources, an hourly call every week, plus Voxer access to me between calls. You come with the investment and the attitude. I come with the results.

Apply now using the button below. If we would be a good fit, I'll reach out to arrange a chemistry call.

Group Coaching

$1450 for 6 weeks

Life of the party? Love some friendly competition? The thought of being on your own in business filling you with dread?

Then my group programs are gonna be for you. Following more of a mastermind format, my group programs cover a range of topics, deliver the info, and then give you the opportunity to come at me with your questions and receive live coaching each week.

I screen every applicant so the group is a good match...after all we are going to be a team for six weeks. Spots are limited so everyone has the chance to speak.

Six weeks of accountability, sisterhood and ass-kicking. You'll come away with a new outlook, fresh results and brand new business besties. That's the dream right there. 

To receive a notification the next time a group program opens, click to register your interest below.

Keynote & Speaking

Please Email with interest

If you are looking for a dynamic public speaker with more than four years of stage experience, a lifetime of overcoming and living with mental health problems, along with more than a decade of sales and leadership got me.

I am available to speak about:

  • Mental health issues and achieving success

  • Jack Canfield Success Principles

  • Business Strategy

  • Time Management and Productivity

  • The importance of being your own god damn self 

Please inquire for details and pricing. BTW if you're looking for collab, I'm always open to discussion. Send me an email!


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