What do you get if you cross a Northern English no-nonsense kinda gal, with a bunch of business strategy, a ton of mindset savvy, and a messenger app?


A Day of Business Coaching via Voxer


You can message me about anything that’s keeping you stuck in your business. Need a set of fresh eyes? Want the accountability? Gotta rant about that problem you keep facing? Does your brain feel like it’s melting cos of all the ideas and none of the action? I’m here for it…

    Combining my no-nonsense attitude, a bunch of coaching and success training certificates and more than a decade of sales and leadership experience...I’m here to give you a day of straight talking support. Meaning I’ll be kicking your ass and holding your hand...and popping bottles by the end of the day.

    You'll let me know up front what we are working on, so I can make sure to keep us on track. 

    From one-off consultations in nightclubs to pinpoint why profits weren’t as expected, to day trips on cruise ships to increase revenue, to helping online business owners figure out why they just can’t get things moving... I’ve spent my whole professional life as a trouble shooter and a firefighter in business - and that’s what I’m best at.

    Who Are You?

    I’m Tess! Partnerships strategist and business coach with over a decade of sales and leadership experience. I’ve worked on launches for six and seven figure entrepreneurs like Lisa Johnson and Selena Soo, and have supported numerous others in developing a promotional strategy for their online businesses.

    I’m the founder of Messy and Successy, so called because I believe mental health issues should not be a defining point for your success, and you can be messy and successy at the same time. The louder my voice gets, the more I intend to use it to tell everyone who listens how important it is to communicate about mental health.

    • Cos sometimes a power hour isn’t enough, but you need a quick win. 

    • Cos sometimes you don't want ANOTHER course you'll never finish.

    • Cos sometimes you don't want to spend your whole day sat on your ass in front of Zoom.

    • Cos sometimes you don't want to spend a ton of money on a VIP day in person.

    • Cos sometimes you need the space to process what you’re learning or getting feedback on.

    • Cos sometimes you want to take action in the moment and come back later.

    • Cos sometimes you want to take a break.

    • Cos sometimes you need flexibility.

    • Cos sometimes you’re not in a place to want to commit to long term coaching.

    • Cos sometimes you want extra support and accountability to get things done.

    And simply...I didn't start my business to spend my whole day trying to work in front of a computer screen. Why should you do the same?

    The sensible stuff...

    You can message me between 10am and 6pm UK time, or from 8am til 4pm ET (you choose your time slot).

    You can voice note or text, and I’ll reply. You need to keep your messages succinct and to the point so I can help you...

    You can message me before we get started so we know everything is working and we're good to go from the minute your day starts.

    You’ll receive a follow up with all my notes from the day and a summary of what we discussed, with any action points we agreed.

    We're not gonna be back and forth with immediate responses all day (we’ve got lives right?!) but I’ll get back to you as often and as quickly as I can.

    Will it work for me?


    I work with online service based business owners who are a little bit bad ass, a little bit boujie, and a whole lot of amazing. Basically, if you’re an expert (or trying to be) running an online business (or trying to)....then this is a pretty good shout for you. Cos you get to choose what we work on.

    But, let’s be honest. This will only work for you if:

    • You can take a bit of tough love. For real, I’m not gonna go out of my way to be mean to you….but if we only have a day together, I don’t have time to add fluffy bits to make you feel better.
    • You’ve been feeling stuck or like you need a little extra hand to move forward.
    • You’re willing to put in the work and be honest (and *gasp* maybe a little vulnerable) in your messages.
    • You can take feedback and run with it.
    • You can use Voxer. That part is easy. When you book you’ll get a little video that shows you how to download the app, set up an account and add me as a contact - in case you don’t know how.

    A whole day of a business coach in your pocket....for just $345 (£249)

    Business owner to business owner, I want to give the most value I can, while not tying myself (or you) to a desk or a hotel room for a day. I'm dynamic, and hyper focused, and I like to think out loud. I like to talk ideas out and brainstorm and tell you how great you are. 


     Considering my power hour is $199, you’re paying less than two power hours...for 8 hours of Tess in your pocket. 8 hours of access to advice, accountability and ass-kicking from a coach with experience behind launches that have generated millions of dollars.


    No brainer right?


    And if that ain't enough, you'll also get access to any resources I create or suggest during our session, PLUS a follow up check via email 4 weeks after we finish. Just to make sure you get your shit done.

    What kind of wins can I expect?

    Here’s some of the things we could work on (and some of the things I’ve coached others on in the past). But hey, I’m open to ideas, so why not mix it up and try something new?!

    • Maybe you want to flesh out your signature program and need to get clear on your offer.
    • Got an affiliate promo or want to create a program? That’s my zone of genius!
    • Launch coming up? Let’s map out your launch plan so you feel good to go.
    • Can’t stop thinking about how if you don’t make money you’re screwed next month? Let’s talk it out and reframe those money stories.
    • Not sure why your socials aren’t selling? I’m here to deep dive into your posts and figure out what’s missing.
    • Want to create partnerships? We can design your outreach plan so you know what to do.
    • Not sure how to structure your masterclass? We’ll map it out AND create a strategy to start pitching it to other people.

    Walkie Talkie Tess-Timonials


    Literally THE best session I’ve had in a while. Being able to implement strategy straight away and having immediate feedback was exactly what I was looking for in my business. We got so much done, the quality of Tess’s answers was straight to the core of the issue, she is direct, straightforward and honest.


    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, this has been absolutely bloody ace. I’ve done more on my website today than I’ve done in the whole year By helping me come unstuck in my business, the ideas are now coming thick and fast. Tess is relatable, honest and fun… not to mention kick-ass, creative and a real force of nature.


    What can we talk about?

    Why do you use Voxer?

    How will it work?

    Do I have to talk?

    What happens if I get busy and can't use my hours?

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