How to Build Your Audience and Get More Clients by being a Guest Expert

You know the feeling. You've been asked to do a guest expert spot and deliver some awesome content. You show up. You do the thing. And then you leave and you can't help but think that you could have done...more...with that opportunity.

Or, another classic. You agree to a guest spot and then spend the next two weeks sweating and worrying if your content is good enough, and how long other people speak for, and whether you need visuals....but feel too awkward to ask.


Tuesday May 18th, 7PM UK/2PM EST - LIVE

"I don't even know who I'm speaking to or how many people there'll be! AAAH!! Why did I agree to this? I'm gonna mess it up and look awful in front of everyone!"

Listen. I've been there. I got sick of letting speaking opportunities pass me by out of fear, or WORSE, watching others deliver sub par sales pitches disguised as workshops knowing I deliver more I set up my own system to make sure I know exactly what is expected from me AND what I can expect when I say YES! to a guest spot, so that I maximise the opportunity and make it worth my time and effort. And now I'm going LIVE for the first time to share it with you.

In this LIVE training I will cover:

  • Why guest spots work to help build your audience and get more clients

  •  How to identify and ask for guest spots that work for you

  • Things to consider to protect your business and your work

  • The exact questions to include when someone offers you a spot to make the most of your time and effort

  • Your 5 step checklist for EVERY guest spot you do to maximise your success

  • What to include in your calls to action

  • The ideal elements to a not-too-braggy-but-braggy-enough intro

  • How to "leave the door open" during your spots

  • How to use guest spots to build your own audience or sell your own services

  • Pitching techniques for cold audiences

  • Systems to keep all your information in one place (yes! You'll get my templates for this when you sign up!)

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The Things You Need to Know:

This training is approx 90 mins long and has accompanying worksheets and downloadable resources.​

You will receive the replay, resources and slides after the training if you don't make it live.

There will be no sales pitch. Or long ass invitation to work with me. Or 25 minutes of introduction to me and my business. Just flat out value driven training. All for just $29 if you reserve a spot (price will go up to $49 after the live event)

Who is this for?

An online entrepreneur who is looking to build their visibility and audience while building their authority at the same time. This training is perfect for you if you can confidently deliver great value to other peoples' audiences using masterclasses, interviews or training workshops and you have somewhere that people can connect with you (a social media account, Facebook group, email list, opt in) etc.

If you are just starting out and have no idea who your audience is or what you're offering, you are of course welcome to join but this training may not be the best use of your time just yet!

Once you've finished this training, you'll have a clear plan for HOW you will use guest spots to make more impact and bring more eyes to your business, more people to your audience and more money to your pocket  

What Other People Say...

(aka proof I walk my talk)

Tessa did an incredible guest teaching in my business foundation course, Bold Business Moves. I loved how down-to-earth and relatable she made what can seem like a daunting topic. I recommend working with Tessa, she’s packed with knowledge and hands on experience

Marisa Bailey-Clements, Business Coach

When I heard Tess speaking on Clubhouse, I knew I had to work with her as I felt confident that not only could she manage an ongoing affiliate scheme but that she had also had some great experience on some big launches and really understood the strategy.

Suzanne Dibble, Lawyer and Owner of the Small Business Legal Academy

Tess hosted a killer group coaching call today. She's one of the best!

Steph Starr, Spiritual Business Coach

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Ready to stop feeling so uncertain about guest speaking spots and start showing up prepared, confident and READY for people to ASK to connect more with you?