Meet Tess

Entrepreneur, award winning sales executive, mental health warrior, NLP coach and certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you my long sad story that eventually ends in me finding my calling as a coach right?

Yak, I don't enjoy a sympathy story. Here's the key points. My mum had a brain haemorrhage when I had just turned 16 and that's when my mental health took it's first hit. I attempted suicide three times between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. I got out of an abusive relationship, but not soon enough. I spent all of my twenties hopping around jobs and cities, never settling and never fitting in, being so miserable it was difficult to get out of bed somedays....then I quit my sucky desk job and got a job working with luxury brands like LVMH, Breitling and Hublot, where I started selling diamonds and watches in the Caribbean.

I broke sales records almost as often as I broke the rules, and won MVP for the company - then was recruited to train people to do the same.

I realised I LOVED getting people to show the fuck up. Meaning, actually being themselves, whatever they are.  Loud, weird, quirky, sexual, feminine, positive, disney princess, you name it - I loved pulling out those weird and wonderful pieces and coaching people to use them to make money.

So here we are. Over a decade of leadership and sales experience, several certifications, and a big attitude, big mouth and big hair. That's me.


We good?

More importantly than that, you're probably looking on this page to see if you'd like me, right?

So I made it easy for you. If you are a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur that wants to move forward in your life AND your business, get the results you dream of and you can answer yes to the following should apply to work with me now.

Do you want to work with someone who gives you straight talk and tough love when you need it? We're a good fit.

Do you need a healthy dose of accountability and someone to call you out on your bullshit? We're a good fit.

Do you curse like a sailor and like to drink wine at 5pm? We're a good fit.

Do you need a mix of strategy and mindset work? We're a good fit.

Do you respect all lives, including those of colour and LGBTQ? We're a good fit.

Do you want someone who will pop bottles when you win, be there when you lose, and treat your success as their own? We're a good fit.

Are you willing to put the work in, make changes when you need to, and have the difficult conversations? We're a good fit.


Mental Health

Cos it's totally okay to be messy and successy

I started Messy and Successy with the intention of empowering others to understand that mental health issues are not the be all and end all of your identity.

That they shape you. They change you. They build you. But they do not become you.

You do not have to have all your shit together to be successful. You do not have to be perfect to move forward. You do not have to hide your scars for the sake of success.

I have been there. In the dark days of depression, feeling worthless and hopeless. In that terrifying, all encompassing fear of what's next. In the depths of anxiety, with nowhere to turn.

I have felt the complete loss of my own sense of self. And I have come through it. I live with the remnants every day. 

I am determined to show the world that mental health issues are just another element in the fantastic equation of being you.

You are amazing. Messy and Successy. All the cool people are.