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Meet Tess 

Entrepreneur, award winning sales executive, mental health warrior, NLP coach and certified Success Trainer.

Hey! Im Tess, your new ass-kicking, hand-holding, bottle-popping support system. After more than ten years experience in leadership and high end sales, I gathered together my experience, knowledge and training, added a few more certificates - and became a Success Coach.

Why? Cos helping business owners embrace their own wonderfulness and weirdness, show up as themselves in life and business, and make money while doing it....that's kinda cool no?


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Sick of wasting your time and potential?

If you are sick of trying all the things, doing all the stuff, and buying all the courses (I SEE YOU) but still getting nowhere fast...there's probably something missing.

Don't panic. Whether you need to get your strategy down, need to reset your mindset and give yourself a talking to, or need to get rid of those stories you tell yourself that keep holding you back...I'm here for it. This ain't your average coaching experience.

Blue Smoke

Rudi R.

Having hired Tess to work with our sales team, I could not have been more thrilled with the results and highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity in life, business and overall mental strength.

Joanna W.

Before I spoke to Tess I felt lost and confused about where I want to go with my coaching business. Tess has helped put my mind in a more calm and creative state and define my goal. I've done more since our last call than the last four years!"

Alison C.

Since working with Tess I finally feel like someone gets me, and I can say what I really feel. Within the first month she helped me develop an offer at a price point that felt good to me, and I sold four places before I even launched!


Let me take the stress out of JV Partnerships by helping you create the perfect partner program for your business

Book 1:1 coaching sessions and get my undivided attention - available singularly or in discounted blocks

Connect with other like minded people in a group setting, full of accountability and action

Book me to speak at events, webinars and corporate settings.


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Get your FREE Starter Guide to Creating Partnerships That Profit

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